UNIVERB chorus/vibe

UNIVERB chorus/vibe

j rockett
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The Uni-Verb is a painstakingly accurate photocell analog vibe based on of the original Univibe pedal with an added spring reverb. 

It is always best to have the Uni-Verb effect first in the chain and Reverb last in the chain so we have built in a loop to allow you to do so. 

Replacing the rocker switch to select either vibe or chorus on the original, a footswitch was added to toggle on the fly 

The classic version of this pedal ran at 24v using a fixed power cable. We have designed the Uni-Verb to run off of a standard (Negative tip) 9v feed but utilizing a charge pump internally to bump it up to 24v. This way you can use your standard 9v input with no worries at all, no special cables or power supplies. 

Reverb:  Controls the intensity of the Reverb

Dwell: Controls the length of the Reverb

Intensity: Controls the intensity of the Chorus and Vibe “Turnaround”

Output: Controls the output level

Chorus/Mix: Blends the dry signal with the wet signal on chorus only

Speed: Controls the speed of the vibe and chorus

4.75″X5.25″X1.25 (2.25″ to top of knob”)

2 lbs

9V/DC NEGATIVE TIP ONLY! No Battery available

DO NOT TRY TO POWER THE UNI-VERB WITH 24v OR ANYTHING OTHER THAN A NEGATIVE TIP OR 5.5/2.1mm 9v TYPICAL SUPPLY. If you power it with anything other than that it WILL damage the pedal and void your warranty.