The Horne - Zonk Machine
The Horne - Zonk Machine

The Horne - Zonk Machine

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The Horne is a my take on classic Zonk Machine fuzz unit, similar to Tone bender MKI with more presence and lovely midrangey push with wah-like bite, biased for gorgeous crackling gating and some of 'sonic waste' artifacts -all of this provided by OC72, OC75, OC44 transistors (as always - well selected).

All my zonks are tuned for a greasy, warm tone with elegant balance of smooth attack and bite. I never make them have aggressive sputter, super heavy sizzle or ice-picking attack, but current batch is a little bit more nasty and crackling than I usually aim for in my standard box version - classic lowbred wedge enclosure designed for rocking in 60s deserves appropriate sonic attitude.

This wedge series is executed with original phenolic reproduction PCBs and spots all the good stuff (tropical fish caps, NOS siemens eletrolytics, carbon comps resistors, switched swell pot, heavy duty hardware, round-top knobs as original Zonks[!], etc).430