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Syncopy is your perfect sonic centre, where echoes of the past meet and merge perfectly with technology of the future. 


With 1 full second of gorgeous and textural fully analog delay, based on classic bucket brigade technology and a fully analog modulation section, combined with the added benefit of modern-day digital control, Syncopy allows you to create, control, save and recall a multitude of delay tones on the fly! 


From short classic delays to long and lush modulated echoes and all the way to otherworldly special fx, Syncopy does it all without flinching, while providing the deep and ultra-precise control required by modern day musicians. 

  • 50 ms slapback to 1 second delay time

  • Modulation for special effects to your like time bending and chorus / rotary effect

  • Expression Input assignable to Time, Mix and Feedback controls, plus modulation controls using a standard expression pedal (Can create and save all manner of analogue modulated delay tones, chorus and rotary effects customised by the user)

  • 4 on pedal user pre-sets and 128 MIDI recallable presets Allows you to save on board the pedal and recall up to 128 MIDI controlled presets using any standard MIDI controller.

  • Tap Tempo with Tap Modulation Sync 
    (accurately sets the tempo of the pedal as well as Waveform syncing every time you tap. This means the waveform is always in time with the beat of a drummer or in sync with the delay, whether on or off the beat.

  • Analogue Controls for Tone and Level allowing fine tuning to fit sonically with the rest of your board. ( Intuitive tone and level controls to match your overall sound)

  • Variable Wave-shapes Sine to Square wave creating various modulation tones along the way.

  • Tap Divisions set to syncopate rhythm patterns over your playing and tempo)

  • 9v DC Supply standard power supply friendly voltages of 250mA)

  • Ultra Bright LEDS for indication of preset banks and control. (Easy to see controls and intuitive design to sculpt your tone)
    Standard midi control, allowing manipulation of:

  • Pre-sets

  • Tempo

  • Time

  • Mix

  • Feedback

  • Tap Divisions

  • Mod Rate

  • Mod Shape

  • Mod Depth

If you’re like us, then you simply can’t get enough of the soothing and smeary analog echoes of yesteryear. The way they surround your notes, like a warm comforting blanket of awesomeness, just can’t be beaten. But wouldn’t it be nice if they were just a tad easier to control, especially in a live and studio setting? Easier to get in time with your music? Easier to recall settings during a set? Easier to modulate and manipulate on the fly? We definitely think so! Hence, we designed Syncopy from the ground up around an all-analog delay and modulation section, mixed with deep digital control like never before. 


The analog portion offers a wide delay range from 50ms right up to 1 second. In addition, we’ve added a vast analog modulation landscape with complete independent control over Depth, Rate and Shape. This lets you both stay within the lines of the vintage delay canvas or blow the painting wide open with bold new sonic strokes that completely reshape and redefine what an analog delay can and should sound like.


Syncopy’s digital section controls all of this analog goodness and gives you access to tap-tempo and four different subdivisions, so your delays will always sit nicely in time with your tunes. If you want to get crazy though, you can press and hold the Tap Tempo switch, effectively sending the pedal into self-oscillation for sudden bursts of ambience. On top of this you also get access to 4 on-board presets (which can be expanded to 128(!) via MIDI) for quick settings recall during a session, as well as extensive Expression and MIDI control, seeing you alter and morph your delays seamlessly during a gig.


The Syncopy features soft-touch relay-based foot switches for reliant and noiseless on-stage use and has internal voltage regulation for varying 9v supplies. 


The Tone and volume pots are not digitally controlled, but these let you adjust Syncopy to your rig for the perfect placement within your pedal chain. An additional pot is also accessible on the back of the pedal if you need to control the input level of the product (via a small hole, so you don’t have to open the pedal, but simply adjusted with a Philips screwdriver). This allows you to adjust the input to tailor for the weakest single coils, all the way up to high output pickups or even line level sources such as synths and keyboards etc. 

With the expression input, or via MIDI CC, you can control the following parameters, saving each of them to the 4 on-board presets (plus an additional 124 presets via MIDI):