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                                                    Strident VTB

  Strident VTB booster was designed to challenge the existing idea of what makes a great BOOST pedal. In the past, BOOST pedal manufacturers have designed pedals to basically do the job a volume knob does on an Amplifier. In reality, most boost pedals are BORING sounding and the result is far less successful than simply using your Amp volume! EQ spikes, glassiness and unrealistic compression have given BOOST pedals a bad reputation amongst guitarists and the proof is in the sales! Strident VTB is going to change this reputation forever.
Strident VTB is a Vintage Tone Booster and has been designed to boost only the correct EQ’s associated with the sound of a guitar. The result is simply stunning! Your guitars original tone is now more refined, full with useful EQ, touch responsiveness and dynamics, working seamlessly with your amp and pedals. Strident VTB delivers a tone that is true to your instrument, while enriching and enhancing every bit of color from your guitar and fingers to bring out the absolute best of your guitar tone.
The lows get tighter and fatter, the mids become broader and dynamic and the highs become sweet, clear and smooth whilst never becoming glassy or piercing.
For those that want more of a natural tube like clipping and compression, there is an internal trim pot inside the pedal that goes from CLEAN to MEAN adding more girth and saturation to your signal.
This is the game changer!

----Control layout----
  • Level — Volume
  • Gain — Lets you dial in the amount of gain and natural compression that you want.
  • Internal Saturation Trim Pot — Allows you set the saturation level for your Gain control from CLEAN to MEAN! (adjustable with miniature flat head screw driver)

                          9 Volts DC 2.1mm standard polarity, center tip negative

                                       Authentic - Innovative - Cutting Edge
                                                    PLAY LEGENDARY
                                              ENJOY THE EXPERIENCE!

All ProAnalog Devices are designed by Scotty Smith, made in the USA and come with a limited lifetime transferable warranty. (Some restrictions do apply) ProAnalog Devices LLC. Merrillville, Indiana USA