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Small Fracture is a lo-fi distortion/fuzz based on preamp of a classic one-knob chorus pedal. It's circuit has been stripped from modulation parts and redesigned to provide distortion by brutal overload of the operational amplifier. This yields in a truly decomposed sounds which are surprisingly 'musical' and inspiring.

There are some ordinary settings on tap, including tight diode-clipper distortions or fat sludgy fuzz sounds, but what's especially interesting in this pedal is the odd stuff. All controls are highly interactive and work for great variety of accessible textures, dirt layers, behaviour and feel. Some settings make your instrument bloom, some gate, some squish and burst, others favour noise, clang or general sonic annihilation. Guitar, bass, cello, whatever you play, you can make it sound broken.

filter - boosts treble content
blast - boosts low-end and provides additional overload
distortion - yes
level - output volume
clip - produces distortion by clipping signal - left setting is low compression, middle is off, right is high compression
litter - produces distortion by adding kind of sonic garbage - left setting is 'high content', center is off, right is 'gradual content' (this switch is bypassed at distortion knob 100% maxed)

NO BATTERY OPERATION POSSIBLE WITH THIS PEDAL. Feed it only with standard 9V DC negative center power supply.