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Sailor's buzz - 5-knob Buzzaround / germanium fuzz

Sailor's buzz is a classic Buzzaround germanium fuzz clone built with all OG spec and tagboard layout. This is one of my favourite ever fuzz pedals for it's distortion-quality attack, beautiful textured character and heavy, yet tight bass response, which provides both total vintage flavour and ability to fit modern heavy playing.

This unit spots three NKT MT57F transistors (which are the same as original NKT275), new old stock Wima, Iskra, Philips capacitors, carbon comp resistors, heavy duty European made hardware etc.
This series is always tuned for high gain yet smooth attack, full body with sweet textures and lasting sustain with pretty cleanup and no gating.

This unit got addition of master volume knob and my secret buzz weapon - chug pot, which tightens up low end for focused midrange punch and super aggressive feel, which will leave your regular distortion pedals in the dust.

SUSTAIN - distortion (and bias) control
BALANCE - volume (and bias) control
TIMBRE - turn CCW to cut low end and output volume, turn CW for full range tone with huge amount of output volume
Master volume (upper side knob) - a real master volume (which doesn't go to absolute zero for better control over usable range - who would use Buzzaround as a killswitch?)
Chug pot (lower side knob) - tightens up low end, enhances midrange

All control knobs are highly interactive thus providing many available sounds beyond simple 'dedicated' operation.

This is battery only powered pedal, but can be custom ordered with DC socket (this requires using isolated power supply).