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                                              MKIV Fuzz Drive
The MKIV series of fuzz-drives were designed by Scotty to fill the large gap in the pedal world for both types of players, the ones who love overdrive and the ones who love fuzz.  The MKIV series of pedals are truly unique and original designs not found anywhere else on the market that bridges that sonic gap between fuzz and overdrive so many players are craving for today!

The blue colored MKIV Vintage fuzz drive is voiced for the player that prefers a
1960s styled tone and feel, featuring select germanium and silicon transistors in a hybrid design that is 100% hand built by Scotty himself that have true bypass switching and Blue water clear LED.

  • Control layout
  • Level --- Volume
  • Attack--- Lets you dial in the amount of Fuzz that you want.
  • Drive--- Lets you dial in the amount of transistor-based overdrive that you want.
***Combining both the Drive and Attack allows the player find his own unique tone and voice, from a warm boost to vintage crunch to full out high gain fuzz distortion and sustain.    

9 Volt DC standard operation only

2.1mm standard polarity, tip negative DC or a standard 9V battery, a total of 4mA of current draw.

                               Authentic - Innovative - Cutting Edge
                                            PLAY LEGENDARY
                                      ENJOY THE EXPERIENCE!

All ProAnalog Devices are designed by Scotty, made in the USA and comes with a limited lifetime transferable warranty. (Some restrictions do apply) ProAnalog Devices LLC. Merrillville, Indiana USA