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The Komet Mirasol is a tonally colorful guitar signal booster that on the left side ("Boost") simply gives you more of what you already like about your guitar/amplifier tone. Capable of boosting your guitar signal up to 20dB, it retains your sound while letting you hit the front end of your amplifier harder. Set for unity gain, or just a little boost, it simply makes everything bolder, bouncier and clearer. Notes pop with a beautiful bubbly roundness. The Mirasol is never harsh or unpleasant sounding. Set for more significant boost, the Mirasol will overdrive the front end of your tube amp into beautiful, natural overdrive with smooth, singing sustain.

On the right side ("Heat") is a midrange/treble boost circuit tonally reminiscent of the fabled 1960s Dallas Rangemaster Treble Booster, which operates in parallel with the Boost side. This spicy side adds a beautiful, very distinct upper midrange emphasis that really makes your guitar tone cut through a band mix.
Being in parallel, you can blend as much or as little Heat into your Boost as you like, giving you complete freedom to tailor the tone to your guitar and amplifier.

The Komet Mirasol works miracles with any good tube amplifier. It is especially great for adding another dimension to any vintage amp. Mirasol becomes an extension of the amp without changing its character. You can use it to boost your solos, or simply always leave it on as a flavor enhancer. Mirasol reacts to your playing dynamics just like a great tube amp, and cleans up to a beautiful, warm yet sparkly clean tone as you roll down your guitar volume or simply pick softer.

The Komet Mirasol Boost was designed by our friend Chris Ntaifotis at Crazy Tube Circuits exclusivelly for Komet, and is built 100% in the USA.