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Fuxi - transparent overdrive / booster

Fuxi is a Klon Centaur type pedal with two extras: pair of additional clipping germanium diodes activated with internal switch for less dirt, more output and crunchier drive character, plus an internal presence switch, which fattens up bright sounds with treble knob turned right for more punch. So you get 100% stock gorgeous, classic boost and drive sounds of the original with my fav optional mods.

Available now in textured black powder coat with metallic gold print. This pedal is wired for buffered bypass (like the original) and can be powered with 9V DC negative center power supply ONLY.

OUTPUT - master volume level
TREBLE - turn CW to boost treble, turn CCW to cut treble
GAIN - turn CW for overdrive sound, turn CCW for clean boost

CLIPPING - turn one or both clipping switches off to reduce clipping at high overdrive settings
PRESENCE - switch off to lower center frequency of treble control (so at treble boost settings sound is fatter with nice low-mids punch, at treble cut settings sound is a little darker)