BABY CRYING FY-6 (superfuzz)
BABY CRYING FY-6 (superfuzz)
BABY CRYING FY-6 (superfuzz)
BABY CRYING FY-6 (superfuzz)

BABY CRYING FY-6 (superfuzz)

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This is an exact reproduction of the original, first version 1967 Honey Co. Ltd. "Baby Crying" FY-6 Super Fuzz.
Production is limited to one hundred units.


The Honey Co. Ltd. FY-6 "Baby Crying" effect was released in 1967. It was the very first incarnation of the Super Fuzz. There were several versions of the FY-6 Baby Crying Fuzz during the first 7-8 years of production and we have chosen our favorite features incorporating them into a painstakingly accurate reproduction of the original.


Using only the highest quality parts, we have duplicated the original electronic circuitry of the FY-6 and recreated its original magic. It is almost impossible to tell the difference between an original and our current unit.


The unit is controlled by the Balance/Expander knobs and the slider switch (Tone 1 & 2) which are located on the left side of the unit. The FY-6 is true to its original design and can be only be powered by a 9V battery.