6885191E-0C00-426C-98E3-4B9FC55547F6Custom Nautilus Pedalboards

|Small|  $189 Measures 310 x 450 x 70mm

| Medium| $209 Measures 310 x 600 x 70mm

| Large| $229 Measures 415 x 600 x 70mm

| Extra Large |  $249 measures 415 x 800 x 70mm

*All sizes include velcro mounting strips or + $19 for 3M dual lock 

  • Neutrik panel mount connectors available at extra cost
  • Rear height enables mounting most available power supplies underneath

| NES PT IN OUT PANEL | $32.95

PT bracket

Add ‘D’ style connections to your PT or similar style board with our PT In Out Panel. Includes mounting screws.


Powersupply bracket

Universal power supply bracket to fit any flat surface using either screws or cable ties. Includes hole layout to attach most Voodoo Lab, CIOKS, Strymon, Pedaltrain and Truetone Supplies using their own existing screws.

| NES PT TOP HATS | $8.95 (30mm) | $9.95 (50mm)

PT Top Hats

PT Top Hats designed to fill those annoying gaps in your PT board to provide extra mounting surface for pedals. Attaches by screwing to the back of your PT frame. Available in 30mm and 50mm. Can be used as 80mm or 100mm etc by using multiples. Includes mounting screws.

| NES BOSS PLATE | $11.95

Boss plate

Replaces bottom plate on boss pedals to enable steadier mounting. Uses existing screws.

| NES WAH PLATE | $15.95

Wah plate

Replaces bottom plate on cry baby sized wah pedals to enable steadier mounting. Much thicker aluminium plate, zero flex.  Uses existing screws.