NAUTILUS EFFECTS SYSTEMS is extremely proud to be the local dealer for Evidence Audio in the ACT and NSW.  We stock the full range of products and offer competitive pricing.

Since we have found Evidence Audio our entire business has changed. We believe that every product they make is the best in its class and it is our first choice whenever we can use it. From hook up wire to pedalboard kits to stage looms and speaker cables its sonic signature and reliability is absolutely unparalleled. It’s nothing short of genius design.

| SIS PLUGS| $10.50

| MONORAIL CABLE| $3.90/ft (available in black or maroon)

| REVEAL CABLE | $6.65/ft

| LYRIC HG CABLE | $8.22/ft

| FORTE CABLE | $10.46/ft

| SIREN 2 SPEAKER CABLE | 3ft pre-made $120 | 5ft pre-made $140


Contact for custom cable prices.